Being a guardian of Earth is hard enough. But having to guard two worlds at the same time? Especially when the other world, Wonderland, is determined to mingle and interfere with humans?

Ugh. Madnes Hatter has his work cut out for him, trying to live like a normal teenage boy in high school, yet having special vision that can see Wonderland creatures as they creep about his home town (beware of the thieving ninja bananas).

It all began when a well-dressed cat named Cheshire appeared and awakened in Madnes the power of the Madness Solver–a power and position that only one person per generation can carry, which grants them a genius mind to solve problems and eyes that can see the truth.

A power that is meant to be used for the good and safety of both worlds, to keep the peace.

But every power comes with a price…

And evil begins to crawl out from the shadows of the worlds.

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